Rainbow Friend

Rainbow Friend is a befriending service by and for LGBTQIA+ people and people living with HIV, in Norway.  Together we will work to counteract isolation and loneliness through positive social contact.

We have three services; The Rainbow Phone, Rainbow Visits, and Rainbow Meet-Ups.

Regnbuetelefonens logo lilla mobil som viser et hjerte på skjermen håndtegnet

Rainbow Friend was started as a collaboration between 5 organisations in 2019:
Queer Wold Oslo and Viken (Skeiv Verden Oslo og Viken), Association for Transgender People in Norway (Forbundet for Transpersoner i Norge) , HivNorway (HivNorge), Norway Bears (Den Norske Bamseklubben), and The Norwegian Organization for Sexual and Gender Diversity – Oslo and Viken (FRI Oslo og Viken).

Logoer til våre samarbeidspartnere Skeiv Verden Bamseklubben FTPN HivNorge FRI Oslo og Viken